Purley Downs Golf Club

Handicap Committee Responsibilities

The Men’s and Ladies Handicap Committees at Purley Downs are responsible under the chairmanship of their respective Handicap Secretaries for handicapping; the rules of golf as applied at Purley Downs; and the administration of Club qualifying strokeplay competitions and matchplay knockouts under the direction of the Men’s and Ladies Committees respectively.  They are also responsible for communicating with the members and liaising with the Club management on these matters.


The WHS Rules of Handicapping (RoH, definitions and paragraph 1.3(ii)) require that golf clubs establish Handicap Committees responsible for ensuring compliance with the golf club’s specified obligations and responsibilities under the Rules of Handicapping.  This includes ensuring that the handicap indexes of Home Club members of Purley Downs are administered in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping, and encompasses:

  • General Play Scores (RoH 2.1a and 2.1b)
  • Scores in Qualifying Competitions (RoH 2.1b)
  • Posting Players Scores into their Handicap Records (RoH 4.1a)
  • Establishing Initial Handicap Indexes (RoH 4.1b)
  • Maintaining Members Home Club /Away Club Status (RoH 1.4b & Appendix B)
  • Handicap Reviews (RoH 7.1a and Appendix D)
  • Penalty Scores and Disciplinary Procedures (RoH 7.1b)
  • Setting Terms of Competitions (RoH 7.2)
  • Maintenance of Course Ratings, Stroke Indexes, Provision of Scorecards (RoH Appendix A.2 and Appendix E, Appendix G) - in conjunction with the Club Manager
  • Miscellaneous Responsibilities (RoH Appendix A.2)

The Handicap Committees must also follow England Golf’s “ Guidance on the WHS Rules of Handicapping as Applied within GB&I”, and guidance provided by Surrey Golf.

Rules of Golf as Applied at Purley Downs

The Handicap Committees are responsible for ensuring that the Rules of Golf are applied in Club competitions and general play scores by:

  • Rulings when players are adjudged not to have complied with the Rules of Golf, including disqualification where applicable
  • Putting into effect and maintaining local and temporary rules in line with the R&A’s model local rules as far as applicable, and as guided by England Golf and Surrey Golf

Administration of Club Strokeplay and Matchplay Competitions

  • The Men’s Handicap Committee administer (i.e. set up on the Club website, monitor and finalise) the men’s and mixed competitions
  • The Ladies Handicap Committee administer the ladies competitions

Prepared 21/10/2021 to bring into line with WHS Rules of Handicapping

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