Purley Downs Golf Club

England Golf, handicap records, and Home Club registration 

The master version of your handicap record - including qualifying scores in strokeplay competitions and general play scores you have done since 1st January 2018 - is held on England Golf’s WHS Platform.  Players are identified uniquely on the WHS Platform by their name, email address, date of birth and lifetime membership number.

The membership number is the same as the CDH number for all players who had official CONGU handicaps before November 2020, and new membership numbers are issued to players who have first obtained a handicap since the introduction of the World Handicapping System (WHS) in November 2020.

Every player with a handicap index has a recognised Home Club, which is the golf club which the player is a member of, or the golf club where the player plays most of their qualifying scores if they are a member of more than one golf club.  Other golf clubs which the player is a member of are known as their Away Clubs.

When a player joins Purley Downs, they should inform us of any previous or ongoing memberships of other golf clubs so that Purley Downs can be registered as the Home Club where appropriate.

The Handicap Secretary is responsible for monitoring that the qualifying scores of Home Club members are correctly added to their handicap record on the WHS Platform.

The Club’s IntelligentGolf website communicates with the WHS Platform by uploading qualifying and general play scores recorded at Purley every night, and other golf clubs in England upload their scores similarly.  Then, shortly afterwards, the updated records are downloaded back onto the Club’s website.  In this way, the handicap index and related data which members can see on the Club’s website and the igMember app are kept up-to-date daily from England Golf’s master record.  The MyEG app accesses England Golf’s master record directly.

Prepared 26/10/2021 to bring into line with WHS Rules of Handicapping

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