Purley Downs Golf Club

Divoting Evening 25th, 26th April 2022

Dear all

For those who would like to help with divoting the fairways next week please fill in the form below.

We plan to do the front 9 on Monday evening and the back 9 on Tuesday evening for approx 2 hours both evenings, meeting at the 1st tee at 5:30pm

The Club will be providing sandwiches/chips afterwards to all that attend.

Hope to see you there and please bring a bucket!

To note:

When using divot mix, it is important to avoid over or under filling divots. Under filling a divot will result in a depression that affects golf ball lie. On the other hand, overfilled divots will damage mowing equipment and create poor playing conditions. To properly fill a divot, bend over and directly place divot mix in each divot, making sure the divot mix does not spill onto undamaged turf. Add divot mix until it is even with the base of the adjacent turf. Finally, just as with replacing divots, use your foot to compact and level the divot mix. This will provide better soil-to-seed contact to enhance germination and seedling survival. 

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