Purley Downs Golf Club

Current Tee Times

Starting times as from 1st November 2022 below: 

Please scroll to the bottom and bear in mind the points below the start time graphic.

The 1st and the 10th tees are the only tees that can be used to start from.

• The times have been established based on playing times of 3 hours for 2 balls, and 4 hours for 3/4 balls.

Please try to maintain this pace of play so as not to negatively impact other golfers.

• If you lose ground to the group in front, please remember basic etiquette and let any following group through. This should be done even if you are playing a match.

One balls have no standing on the course and must stand aside if groups are behind.

• You will note that there are ‘Dead Starting Times’ when no starting is permitted.

To avoid disappointment please check the club diary for any pre-arranged fixtures before arriving at the club.

On arrival - Ball Chute Procedure

Ball chutes can be found by the 1st and 10th tee – check what tee your group size should be starting from.

A golf ball can be placed in the chute when one of the 2/3/4 ball has arrived at the course. One ball per group only. An individual cannot place multiple balls for multiple groups. The ball in the chute should have players initial or unique identifying mark on it.

Players are not obliged to stay around the chute. They may avail themselves of any facility at the club. However, if all the players are not there when their ball is next in line in the chute, the ball will be placed at the back of the ball queue by the players who already have a ball in the chute.

Anyone playing an official county knockout has automatic priority on either tee.

Teeing Off

Games on the tee waiting to start will interweave with games that are halfway through their round. One game from the ball chute, then one game starting their back 9, so on and so forth.

If a game halfway through their round is on the 18th green and there is a game on the 1st tee, the game coming off 18 will have priority to tee of the 1st tee.

The same rule applies for the 9th green/10th tee if there is a game on the 10th fairway.

2 balls, having started at the correct time, from the correct tee, have priority on the course, so please let them through, even if you have not lost ground on the group in front.

During the Winter months, when 3 balls are permitted to play from the 2 ball side at the weekends, they are reminded that they must give priority to 2 balls at all times, even if they have not lost ground to the group in front.

If you have not started your game within the time zones printed for each tee, you will have to wait until the next available tee time for your group size, this may mean starting at the other tee and taking your turn in that tee’s ball chute.

Swindles: Please be aware that 4 ball golf can be busy when the swindles are operating although these times are not reserved. Please find swindle information on the website under Information>golf> Swindles &Swindletes new players very welcome.

Winter 3 balls Rule (1st November 2022 – 28th February 2023)

During the Winter months, (From Nov 1st - February 28), 3 balls are no longer permitted to play from the 2 ball side during the week. 

The Liaison Committee and Board have decided to allow 3 balls this winter to tee off on the 2-ball side of the course at weekends only, where demand is at it’s highest. During midweek, the normal course access rules will apply for 3 balls.

Please note, you must play a 3 ball on the correct side of the course if there is availability to do so.

Also, 3-balls teeing off the 2 ball side are reminded that they must give priority to 2 balls at all times, even if they have not lost ground to the group in front.

A 2 ball also must be given priority on the tee to start their game.

Sunday Morning Tee Sheet:

This was in place pre-covid and will be re-introduced.

The booking system for this will be the same as before and will be found under upcoming competitions on the website as ‘Sunday Start Sheet’

1st tee –   2 balls every 8 minutes from 8:00-8:24am

                   3 or 4 balls every 8 minutes from 8:32–9:12am

10th tee – 3 or 4  balls every 8 minutes from 7:44-8:56am

Ball chute procedure follows from 11:15 10th tee, 11.30 1st tee.

Bringing a guest:

It is best to check with the pro shop in advance who will give advice for the best time to bring a guest up on a particular day. Also please check the website diary in advance.


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