Purley Downs Golf Club


This return seeks your views on the possible future organisation for access to the course.

The options are the current Turn Up and Go (TUAG), Booked tee times or a Hybrid.

It is suggested you read all the questions and options and determine which of the three you prefer.
You cannot vote for more than one as we are trying to determine if there is a majority for one particular option.

If you have no views or preferences, please go to Q1 and 7.

For turn up and go please answer Q1,2,3 and 7.

This will be as operated now and is the only option which guarantees the retention of two tee starts for general play.

Booked Tee Times – please answer Q1,4, and 7

In this alternative, whilst all tee times are booked (1) recognised swindles will have tee times blocked out to allow these to operate broadly as now, (2) club knockouts such as Featherstone, Ladies Inga Carey and seniors singles will be able to make bookings, via the pro shop 2 days before general bookings open, to allow games to be played and (3) all existing competitions, matches and big day events will be pre-booked slots as now. 
If under this option, it will be one tee starts except whose days where two tee starts are agreed, for instance to facilitate certain events.

A Hybrid – please answer Q1,5,6 and 7.

Several members have suggested a half way of some booked, some TUAG. This may be possible, but it will have several limitations. Switching from Bookings to TUAG during the day is reasonably practical, however switching from TUAG to bookings will require one tee to be closed for several hours, or for there to be one tee start, part TUAG, part booked. It isn't  possible to organise 2 tee starts on IG as 2 balls and 4 balls will have different round durations, and crossovers cannot be changed in length of timings on the same day on IG.
We cannot guarantee a workable solution can be found that does not entail lost time, something that will become an issue during the winter months.

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