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Competition Weather Delays and Abandoning Play

Delaying the Start of Play and Stopping Play

The Pros are responsible for delaying the start of play or calling players off the course using the klaxon if dangerous weather conditions occur (lightning, gales, fog, etc), but will not stop play if there is little danger involved (flooded greens, or snow or hail on the course).

The Pros will use their best judgement concerning lightning and gales based on what they can see on the course and on local short term weather forecasts.

Concerning fog, there is a red mark painted onto a tree between the 9th and 10th fairways.  Not being able to see it with the naked eye from the veranda is a criterion for stopping play, but the Pros will also take into account that visibility at the far end of the course is sometimes worse than around the Clubhouse.

A member of the Handicap Committee or committee organising the competition (or in their absence, any other Club board or committee member) should request the Pros to sound the klaxon if play becomes impractical during a strokeplay competition due to flooded greens or snow or hail lying on the greens.  The relevant committee member should take the following into account:

  • The Rules allow the ball to be placed to one side if a puddle forms between the ball and the hole, so play can continue provided the holes themselves are not under water or become totally surrounded by casual water.
  • In the case of snow or hail, the criterion for stopping play is the ball picking up snow/hail from the putting surface so that putting becomes impractical.
  • Unpleasant playing conditions such as increasing wind and rain – but not of a severity to cause danger or make putting out impractical – are not a sufficient reason to stop play.

Because the latest starting times for men’s weekend competitions from October through to March have no margin against darkness, delaying the start or stopping play during these months will normally result in the competition being abandoned, see below.

For midweek competitions, when the Club has set up a tee booking sheet for the day, delays and abandonment are as described for weekend competitions.  When there is no start sheet, a delay in the start of play will not cause abandonment but, as described below, if play is stopped during the day and there is insufficient time for the players already on the course to complete their rounds in daylight the competition will be abandoned.

Resuming the Competition

If the conditions improve while there is sufficient time for all players to complete their rounds in daylight, play may resume following decision by the Pros and relevant Committee member.

In these circumstances, the relevant Committee member should ensure that all players in and around the Clubhouse, locker rooms, Pro Shop, etc are informed that the competition is resuming

Abandoning the Competition

If a competition has been abandoned, the relevant  Committee member should declare the competition abandoned and make sure that all players in and around the Clubhouse, locker rooms, Pro Shop, etc are informed.

The entry fees are returned to all players and no trophies or prize money are awarded after an abandonment.

However, when a competition has been abandoned during play, scores go forward into the players record for handicapping purposes when 10 or more holes in an 18 hole round have been completed in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping.  This will be checked out by the relevant Committee members finalising the competition.

When a Major competition has been abandoned, the Handicap Committee will endeavour to replay the competition at a future date.  Non-major monthly and midweek competitions which have been abandoned will not be rescheduled.

Players Responsibilities

  • Stop play immediately the klaxon is sounded, mark where your ball is, and leave the course without delay.
  • After being called off the course you may stay at the Club so that you can resume your round if/when conditions improve and play is recommenced, or leave the club, at your choice.
  • Whichever you choose to do, you remain responsible for recording your score and handing in your scorecard showing the scores for all completed holes, and signed by player and marker
  • You should be aware that if you decide to leave the club but play is resumed, you will not be entitled to a refund of your entry fee.
  • If you decide to leave the club, in these circumstances you will not be penalised under the Club’s procedure for “Sanctions for failing to complete rounds and/or submit scorecards in Qualifying Competitions and General Play (Supplementary) Rounds” provided you have handed in your scorecard as described above.

Men's Handicap Committee, first issued February 2022

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