Purley Downs Golf Club

Midweek Medal (August)

Wednesday 21st August 2019, White Tees, Purley Downs

Winnings for each of Division One and Division Two paid to members bar accounts:  1st £24.90, 2nd £16.60

£5.53 per 2 paid to members Pro Shop accounts

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1st Roger Roberts(15) 67
2nd James MacDonald(8) 67
3rd Darrin Nichols(14) 67
4th Graham Wilson(9) 69
5th Steve Wateridge(14) 70
6th Les Clark(21) 70
7th Martin Hayes(4) 70
8th Stefan Ward(8) 70
9th Roger Smith(8) 70
10th Simon Baxter(17) 70
11th Robin Archibald(15) 71
12th Keith Newton(5)  Woodcote Park71
13th Paul Steel(4) 71
14th Mark Hegarty(6) 71
15th Neil Duffy(11) 71
16th Andrew Rogers(12) 72
17th Mark Joy(11)  Woodcote Park72
18th Andrew Constantine(12) 72
19th Andy Norrington(14) 72
20th Clive Wood(17) 72
21st Jerome Bostwick(5) 72
22nd Joseph Desa(13) 72
23rd Philip Jones(23) 73
24th Jeremy Glynne-Jones(9) 73
25th Zaid Esmail(7) 74
26th Christopher Clark(16) 74
27th Vincenzo Giuffrida(14) 74
28th Alan Paterson(15) 74
29th Phillip Pallett(19) 74
30th Oli Blackburn(5) 74
31st Doug Mercer(12) 75
32nd Martin Down(9) 75
33rd Steve Mullin(9) 75
34th Stephen Phillips(25) 75
35th Norrie Matsunaga(13) 75
36th Eugene Murphy(10) 76
37th Mark Hartley(9) 76
38th Martin Clarke(19) 76
39th Kevin Smale(2) 76
40th Chris Holloway(17) 76
41st Tony Tucker(21) 77
42nd Keith Pitts(12) 77
43rd Mark Hitch(9)  Woodcote Park77
44th Bob Torreson(12) 77
45th Paul Walker(9) 77
46th Angus Hamilton(15) 77
47th Simon Morris(15) 77
48th John Collins(12) 77
49th Rory MacNeill(12) 78
50th Nick Wright(15) 79
51st Steven Dhanipersad(20) 79
52nd Geoff Green(21) 79
53rd Sam To(9) 79
54th John MacDonald(17) 80
55th Keith Williams(18) 80
56th Leigh Whittingham(15) 80
57th Paul Balding(13) 81
58th Terry Smith(18) 81
59th Sean Murphy(17) 83
60th Roger Heron(28) 84
61st David Benneworth(27) 84
62nd Peter Francis(22) 87
63rd Jesse Potter(21) 87
64th Alan Page(12) 87
65th Gareth Guest(17) 90
66th Allan Roadnight(36) 90
67th Peter Axson(22) 93
68th Nick Murray(7) NR
69th Andy Phillips(13)  Woodcote ParkNR
70th Ralph Bellamy(6)  Woodcote ParkNR
71st David Cooper(14) NR
72nd Ted Hall(17) NR
73rd Chris Ezra(20) NR
74th John Phillips(14) NR
75th Oliver Best(26) NR
76th Derek Hollingdale(6)  Woodcote ParkNR
77th Lance Coleman(27) NR
N/A Bryce Campbell(5) 68
N/A Scott Ward(5) 70
N/A Kieran Smith(6) 71
81st Robert Marksman(5) DQCard not signed by player
82nd Norman Parks(21) DQDiscontinuance of play
83rd Sunny Khanna(11) DQCard not returned

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